Store series Dicoms tags on Orthanc DB

Hi there,

At my workplace we have 2 Orthanc servers, the first one stores Dicoms images on the local drive and the second one uses the othanc-object-storage plugin to store Dicoms in a AWS S3 bucket. Additionally, we use Ohif to visualize the studies of Both servers, connected via DicomWeb plugin. For performance reasons, the series metadata tags on the second server are extrapolated as is described here:

This approach seems to works fine in many type of studies, but in some others, it causes rendering issues. There is a way to store not just MainDicomTags but all dicom metadata tags at Orthanc database to have optimal performance and avoid this issues?

Thanks in advice!
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Hi Rodrigo,

Yes, that would be technically possible indeed.

Funny, I just prepared a quote yesterday for a user who had the same kind of issue with another viewer and we proposed to store more or all tags in the MainDicomTags. If you are ready to share the development cost, feel free to send me a private message.

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