starting ORTHANC from command line

Dear all,

I used to start ORTHANC and a Windows service and everything was fine. But when I stop the service and I try to run ORTHANC from command line, I get:

C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server>Orthanc.exe
W0619 12:03:45.670857 main.cpp:1613] Orthanc version: 1.6.0
W0619 12:03:45.679872 OrthancConfiguration.cpp:161] Using the default Orthanc configuration
W0619 12:03:45.966219 OrthancInitialization.cpp:301] SQLite index directory: “C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\OrthancStorage”
E0619 12:03:45.978246 main.cpp:1639] Uncaught exception, stopping now: [SQLite: Unable to open the database] (code 1002)
W0619 12:03:45.982271 main.cpp:1672] Orthanc has stopped

What’s wrong here ? I need to start Orthanc from command line, since I’d like to change the default config.


If using Orthanc as a service, just edit the configuration files and restart the service.

When starting with command line, you probably miss some privileges to access the storage folder.

BTW, when you start it with simply “Orthanc”, it does not use any configuration file.

Hi Alain,

Indeed, I’ve figured that out too: now I’m updating the configuration for worklists and I restart the Orthanc service.

However, trying to query the modalities shows this error:

findscu -aet ORTHANC -W -k “(0040,0100)[0].Modality=CT” localhost 8042
E: Association Request Failed: 0006:0321 Unrecognized PDU type: 48

Any idea what could be wrong ?


You are using the “8042” TCP port to access the DICOM protocol, whereas this port corresponds to the REST API of Orthanc.

Replace “8042” by “4242”, that is the default port for the DICOM protocol in Orthanc.

Oh man, that was easy, thanks a lot !