SR Modlity for Scanned Documents in DICOM Orthanc Server

Hi Sebastien -

Any consideration for using Orthanc to store images of scanned documents ?

This Use Case is becoming popular and I was thinking if the SR modality is supported by Orthanc.


Correction: SR Modality

Hi Antroy,

Basically, Orthanc is compatible with all the IODs that are present in the DICOM standard, in the sense that it can store/query/retrieve any of them (obviously provided the DICOM file is well-formatted).

As a consequence, Orthanc can already store, query/retrieve and display scanned documents, provided they have been properly converted to DICOM (check out the so-called “Secondary Capture Image IOD” if you are referring to a bitmap scan [1], or “Encapsulated PDF IOD” if you are referring to a PDF document [2]).

Orthanc can also store store and query/retrieve structured reports (these are nothing else but DICOM files), as well as converting them to JSON for simplified parsing with an external script (e.g. in C#, Python, Java…).

…or did you mean something else?



Hi Sebastien -

Thanks for your quick response, at this point it is a matter of standards in support of the meta data regarding structured reports.

I will be persuing this as part of a paperless initiative for a small clinic.