SQLlite to PostGre Upgrade question

First, let me say that I am not a database person, so please bear with my noobness. My goal is to improve performance over the SQLite database currently in use as my users are complaining about search and access times in the http interface. (Any suggestion for increasing performance would be appreciated).

I am planning to update our SQLite version 18.something to the latest 21.1.7. I am a bit confused about the process and would like to be sure I am not destroying anything. I have a daily backup of the data and the index files.

Secondly, I am planning on using PostGre SQL for my index file leaving storage where it is and have successfully installed PostGre 13.1 and have created an orthanc database within it. This was done based on the PostGreSQL.json contents with defines the database name as orthanc and username and password as orthanc as well. However, there is the PostGre URI section which references orthanc_db. Is that consistent with the database name of orthanc?

When I run the executable for 21.1.7 it tells me to first uninstall the previous version. Is that correct? I assume uninstalling will not delete data or config files but want to be sure that is so.

After the update should I run the --upgrade option on the SQLlite index or should I do the upgrade right to the PostGre index by uncommenting out the index entry in the Postgresql.json file? My gut tells me to do the --upgrade first to the SQLite and see if the database starts before changing over to the PostGre index. Do I need to do the --upgrade option after that point to bring in the PostGre or will just uncommenting out the Index for PostGre do the trick without the --upgrade option?

Thanks for your insights.


(1) You can find tips about performance in the Orthanc Book:

(2) On Windows, uninstalling Orthanc will not remove your DICOM data. This only removes the Orthanc binaries and the Windows service.

(3) In order to migrate from SQLite to PostgreSQL, you’ll have to do full replication from the old Orthanc running SQLite to the Orthanc running PostgreSQL. Replication is explained in the Orthanc Book:

(4) The “–upgrade” command-line option is used to upgrade from an old schema of the database to a newer schema. This option has nothing to do with migration from SQLite to PostgreSQL.