Slow storage speed from Siemens devices

Hi all.

We have 2 Simens CT Somatom go.Top and Siemens MRI Magnetom sola
they send images to 2 iMAC with Horus viewer, SyngoVia workstations and to Orthanc

Sending to stations are very fast but sending to Orthanc is slow (20 images pause 20 images pause etc.)
Orthanc in a same network with devices and syngovia station
iMAC’s are behind L2 route network.

But we have in this network few US devices (also siemens) and tested sending dicom images to Orthanc from US. 50-100 images stored very fast.

Issue only on Siemens Syngo family.

Siemens engeneers can’t tell anyting exept “it’s a bad pacs”


Then, we probably can’t say anything except “Siemens is slow” :wink:

Siemens engineers, if they are motivated, can probably analyse the network traffic and timing and verify if:

  • Orthanc is slow to send the DICOM acknowledgement
  • Siemens is slow to send the next instance after it has received a DICOM acknowledgement.

Hope this helps,


Thanks to @Francisco Lobaton who wrote in private:

"Hi, i have some siemens syngo systems with Orthanc too, and i would check if you have storage commitment enabled, when syngo either via or the workstations of the systems have storage commitment enabled they buffer 20 images a the time.

When they have it disabled they send faster but it doesnt have the guarantee that the images are stored on the receiving server
I made Remote Dicom Node only Storage and Q/R (no-SC) and Syngo now send images very fast

Np, depending on your application maybe the SC is worth, and there is no way to change the amount of images being sent, also, if you are using syngo.via and archiving it complains that the node is not SC at least in the version we have used. But soon syngo is going to replaced with Orthanc as it damaged tomosythesis from a hologic system