Simple Viewer for Orthanc

Hi Emsy,

Thanks for sharing this! I have just pushed your code to GitHub:



After I wrote the original viewer, I realized that I could call the pixel data directly from 7fe0-0010… (bangs head on wall) so I removed the PNG decrypter and started interpreting the Implicit VR Little Endian from 7fe0-0010.

Then, I realized that I could call the pixel data directly from /matlab… (bangs head on table) so I removed the Implicit VR Little Endian and called /matlab directly.

I have not figured out how to call /matlab directly from Javascript, so I still rely on a PHP script (getPixelData.php) to parse /matlab into a string that is passed back to the web worker.

There are now 10 concurrent web workers (and together with directly calling /matlab) that reduced a 30-slice CT brain load time to about 13 seconds.

Also, anything bigger than 1000 pixels (height / width) gets automatically resized without the use of Imagemagick.

Requirements: Apache, PHP + CURL
Configuration: Specify orthanc server address in viewer.php and getPixelData.php
To call: viewer.php?series={orthancSeriesUUID}
Tested on Chrome 29

This viewer isn’t going to win any awards for anything - but I hope that it can help whoever needs to see some (what I think is) simple basic code for viewing DICOM.

Emsy (12.4 KB)