Setting up a web page to access the Orthanc server

Hello! My name is Tobias and I’m currently working in a small clinic named CETRAI that already has a PACS server where all the images are stored and can be accessed from inside the clinic.

That is working great, the problem is that we need to share via a web page some of our studies, because we employ medics from other states and we have some patients that are assigned to them. We tried setting up a remote access to the server but the clinics where they are working don´t allow accessing other computers remotely, because of safety reasons. So they told us to set up a public domain, with a login for each one of them, and a web dicom viewer. And searching for some inspiration, I found Orthanc.

My idea is to have a computer inside the clinic to act as the Orthanc Server, so we can send the studies from those pacients from the machines directly there, and then setting up a web page so the other medics can access their assigned studies and upload a report so we can file it in that pacient medical history.

My questions are as follow: Is it possible to do what I’m thinking? If yes, is it possible to show only some of all the studies loaded in the Orthanc server, depending on which user logged in? So Doctor X only sees his studies and can only upload a report on them, and Doctor Y can’t see Doctor X’s studies nor modify them.


Thanks for your interest in Orthanc.

Yes, this is obviously possible, as Orthanc is a microservice for medical imaging that can be used as a back-end server for Web applications such as the one you describe.

This topic is discussed in our FAQ:


Yes, I have read the FAQ, but what it does not answer is if I can forbid access to some patients depending on the user that has logged in, or is that included in “Access control list”?

I have no experience on Java so I was going to hire someone to do that part, do you recommend me anything specific I should say to the person I hire? Or is my explanation clear enough and he/she will understand what I’m looking for?

Your explanation is clear to me, but I’m familiar with Orthanc.
By the way, your need exactly fits with Lify specifications ( don’t hesitate to ask my colleague Fred ( to get a quote, this could be cheaper than a custom app developed from scratch…

Yes, I looked at Lyfo because it checked all the marks, but I got a quote for €10000 for the services that I'm looking for (the image viewer and study sharing) which seemed a little too much, considering I could hire a couple of people and develop what I need for probably less than that. Do they offer something more that I'm not aware of when you buy one of their packages?

I don’t know Lyfo at all but a quick check looks as though that includes storage and the technologies for storing and sharing, which can be a considerable cost if you want it reliable and secure.

Regarding Orthanc, you cannot forbid access to a certain part of Orthanc without extra tools such as a front end application or a plugin. Orthanc is a you are allowed, or you are not.

Hi there. It actually offers a broader feature set then just the study publication portal. I can provide you with details in a call.


I think we have just the solution you require. Please contact me at so we can set up a call to discuss things in more detail.


Hello! I would love to hear some details if its related to what I’m trying to achieve!