Search for multiple studies in single REST API (/tools/find) request by StudyInstanceUIDs ?

Suppose I want to retrieve two studies using /tools/find and their StudyInstanceUIDs are 1.2.826.0.1.3680043.8.1055.1.20111103111148288.98361414.79379639 and I know how to get one study at a time using the below JSON requests:

{“Expand”:true,“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“StudyInstanceUID”:“”}} and {“Expand”:true,“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“StudyInstanceUID”:“1.20111103111148288.98361414.79379639”}}

But is is possible to combine the two requests into one ? Basically something along the lines of the below request ?

{“Expand”:true,“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“StudyInstanceUID”:" or “StudyInstanceUID”:“1.20111103111148288.98361414.79379639"”}}

Anyone ? I really need to figure this one out.

I am not at a computer to check but try one Studyinstaceuid : then both suid separates by a /
Can’t verify if that works but does for modality.

Firstly thanks for your reply.

I’m not quiet sure what you mean. You mean like below?


This doesnt work :frowning:

this doesnt work either

{“Expand”:true,“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{“StudyInstanceUID”:“”/“” }}

I get a JSON parsing error

Below works…“\” instead of ""

{“Expand”:true,“Level”:“Study”,“Query”:{ “StudyInstanceUID”: “\”}}

Thanks for all your help Bryan.