Restart Orthanc with new log file, Docker ?

I am using Docker for my Orthanc instances, and my script starts up Orthanc with the a log file generated like this:

current_time=$(date “+%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S”)


such that it has a timestamp. That works fine when a start up via docker. I am also building a separate CRON job container that runs some CRON jobs. With that setup, I actually can sent a REST API call to my Orthanc containers and restart the server with:


but that doesn’t generate a new log file. There are ways to start or control a docker container from another container, but that isn’t really recommended.

Just wondering if there is a way to restart Orthanc while also specifying the log-file name, or another way to just restart the container so that the log file name gets updated?

I do currently have CRON jobs running on the host, and with that method it is easy enough to restart the Orthanc Docker containers. I was looking for a way to do something similar from a CRON container rather than from the host so that the only thing I would really need on the host is the docker engine.

There are no ways to reset Orthanc and specify a new log file. You’ll have to find a Docker only solution.


Hi Stephen,
If you’re goal is to create new log files/period - you will be better off looking at a specific log tool like
Also Docker has incredibly powerful logging tools, allowing you to customise the total size of logs kept, searching by date/time, integrating with other logging tools.