REST Query Remote Modality using DICOM Sequence

Dear Orthanc Community,

in short: Are DICOM sequences supported by REST when performing a query to a remote modality?

longer version:

regarding querying a modality using REST I cannot figure out the syntax to add a DICOM sequence tag.
Based on the example below, I want to extend my query with the DICOM Sequence ProcedureCodeSequence (0x0008,0x1032)

$ curl --request POST \
  --url http://localhost:8042/modalities/sample/query \
  --data '{"Level":"Study","Query": {"PatientID":"","StudyDescription":"*Chest*","PatientName":""}}'

Recent DCMTK releases of findscu support to specify DICOM Sequences in string format.

So I added the ProcedureCodeSequence Tag to the query definition to see the response from the remote modality (which is supported by GE Centricity PACS)

--data '{"Level":"Study","Query": {"PatientID":"","StudyDescription":"","PatientName":"", "0008,1032":""}}'

When performing the query, orthanc prints this message:

“HttpError” : “Bad Request”,

“HttpStatus” : 400,

“Message” : “Parameter out of range”,

“Method” : “POST”,

“OrthancError” : “Parameter out of range”,

“OrthancStatus” : 3,

“Uri” : “/modalities/Gepacs/query”

My actual goal would be to search for a specific procedure code sequence (actually its SequenceTag “CodeMeaning” 0008,0104) since GE PACS does not support searching for StudyDescription. Therefore I would have assumed that the code below might work to find all “Thorax” related procedures:

--data '{"Level":"Study","Query": {"PatientID":"","StudyDescription":"","PatientName":"", "0008,1032":[{"0008,0104":"*Thorax*"}] }}'

However, the error below is thrown:

“Details” : “Associative array of DICOM tags to strings expected in field: Query”,

“HttpError” : “Bad Request”,

“HttpStatus” : 400,

“Message” : “Bad file format”,

“Method” : “POST”,

“OrthancError” : “Bad file format”,

“OrthancStatus” : 15,

“Uri” : “/modalities/Gepacs/query”