request worklist received but cannot display in the dialog box.

while using the DVTK Modality emulator, when i click on the Request Worklist it shows “received 1 Worklist item sucessfully”. in the dialog box after that named ‘please select MWL Response’ has the worklist in the second row, the first item is by default (i.e the one which has Accession Nr. 123456) but the one that i fetched is below that and it is invisible, but when i click on the empty space it is there. how to display details of the worklist that i fetched there in the dialog box itself. ‘b.png’ attached shows the query used to fetch the worklist and the invisible row is the one which has the modality set to XRAY. Here the query runs perfectly fine but there is a problem while displaying it in the dialog box.




Sorry but this question is more related to DVTK and I don’t think you’ll get an answer about that on this forum (I might be wrong of course).