not working

I need to transfer a volume from an old Orthanc server to a newer server but get the following error.

# python http://admin:password@

Sending study 0180c084-889faa24-0ea18b21-7af120aa-fca03169...
Traceback (most recent call last);
  File "", line 107, in <module>
    for instance in DoGetJson('%s/studies/%s/instances' % (SOURCE, study)):
  File "", line 99, in DoGetJson
    return _DecodeJson(DooGetString(url))
  File "", line 73, in DoGetString
    raise Exception('Unable to contact Orthanc at: ' + url)
Exception: Unable to contact Orthanc at: http://admin:password@

Thanks in advance for your help.

Is this reproducible ? Does it always fail on the same study ?
I would suggest that you modify the script to display the HTTP status code you receive from Orthanc so we’ll now the type of errors.
Eventually, you might need to implement automatic retries (I’m suspecting this issue:

If you modify the script, please share it here so everybody can benefit from your changes.

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