remote orthanc in place of localhoast


I wanted to integrate orthanc in a domain on the internet, I tried to download the file to explore through filezilla, but after the site could not launch, there was someone who had an idea on downloading files of orthanc whose hope to use it by internet?

Orthanc is not a FTP server (as Filezilla would expect), but a HTTP server that comes with a REST API. Check out the Orthanc Book:

Hi ,

thank you for your response, is there a video tutorial that explains how to integrate the orthanc server from our local to the website via the API application, step by step, I’m not a technician so suddenly is a bit complicated for me, a video tutorial that explains how to do it all will be the best

Here is the first hit if looking for “Orthanc” on YouTube:

There are multiple other videos.