Remote network Peer configuration port/s

I wish to setup a set of remote Orthanc servers as Peers, but have a question re the ports used.
In the config file ( see below ) it shows the network address of each peer with different port usage ( 8043 and 8044 ).

What is the listening port that Orthanc uses for Peers over HTTP/HTTPS.

// The list of the known Orthanc peers
“OrthancPeers” : {

  • Each line gives the base URL of an Orthanc peer, possibly
  • followed by the username/password pair (if the password
  • protection is enabled on the peer).
    // “peer” : [ “http://localhost:8043/”, “alice”, “alicePassword” ]
    // “peer2” : [ “http://localhost:8044/” ]

Thanks in advance.

Whatever port is in the config file here:

// HTTP port for the REST services and for the GUI
“HttpPort” : 8042,