Re-Sample video from DICOM

I’m working on DICOM videos with high FPS (60 FPS) and I’d like to know if it’d be possible to resample the DICOM file directly in Orthanc to something else to lower its size.

I’ve seen but it doesn’t provide any information about that.


Hi Robin,

No, Orthanc does not provide this feature and probably won’t.
Once it has been uploaded to Orthanc, you might download the video file (through /instances/…/raw or /instances/…/frames/0/raw), transform it using e.g. FFMPEG and then recreate a new DICOM files with /tools/create-dicom.

Note that there might be other tools than ffmpeg I’m not aware of.

Note that you can also implement this method in a python plugin to run it inside Orthanc if needed