re-installing Orthanc


I am setting up the Orthanc server for our lab for the first time. However, what makes things a bit confusing for me is that Orthanc was set up on one computer before and that computer was taken down due to some issues without backing up the data or file. I installed Orthanc on a new PC that is supposed to replace the old one. I have set up pretty much everything. However, I don't know how to retrieve our old data? Do we have to push all the data again to the server or is there a way to retrieve it? And for the future, what is the best way to prepare for such situations?

Some information that might help to clarify the situation.

The IP address of the new server is close (but not identical) to the old one.
I see OrthancStorage directory in one of the hard drives that were attached to the previous server, but I don't know how to connect it to the new server.



You can simply reuse the same configuration file:

Make sure that the options “StorageDirectory” and “IndexDirectory” both refer to the directory containing the old Orthanc database.

You could also use the replication procedure, but running the “” on your old Orthanc database: