hi , i m using orthanc more than 2 months , i like it but i have a groupe of question :

1- can I use more than chaine protocole (find , store , worlist,…) on orthanc , for exemple when I have two modality which send in the same time images to pacs, I would like to separate each modality and there port

2- how I can search study with filtre of modality like CT,MG,OT …etc in orthanc

3-How can I specify only patients’ files that doctors can see

4-How can I send pictures and videos not dicom to my pacs orthanc

5-how I can burn cd or dvd from orthanc

thank you

i think you need orthanc tools


1- As Orthanc is lightweight, you can start several instances of Orthanc on the same computer, and assign each of them a different AET, DICOM port, and HTTP port.

2- Use “/tools/find” with at the “Series” level with the field “Modality” set to the type of modality you are looking for:

3- Please carefully read the following FAQ:

“Non-technical audience (physicists, patients, administrative staff…) might expect an user interface that is more user-friendly than Orthanc Explorer, and/or that integrates more features (such as […] access control lists […]). If you need such a more advanced user experience so that Orthanc better fits your clinical workflow, you will have to develop a separate, custom Web interface on the top of the REST API of Orthanc, maybe as a plugin.”

4- This process is called “DICOM-ization”. This is also possible with the REST API of Orthanc:

5- Orthanc is not a CD/DVD burner. Create a ZIP archive by click on the “Download ZIP” button in Orthanc Explorer, and unzip this archive onto your CD/DVD burner.

The side project Orthanc-Tools-JS by Salim Kanoun provides an alternative:


Yes, OrtancTools will solve your 2), 5) (generating zip to burn or managing a discproducer robot if you have one). As sebastien said except for the discproducer OrthancTools is just a user interface, these features comes from orthanc itself.

Now OrthancTools is in end-of-life to be replaced by OrthancToolsJS which is still in early developpement.
The point 4, DICOM-ization is something I could add in OrthancToolsJS. Can you share some sample of images you want to dicomize ?

The Point 3 is something in the roadmap for OrthancToolsJS but this is long term feature, don’t exepect it before at least the next summer.

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