Question about Study stability

Hi, friends!

Is there a way to query which studies have beem deemed to be stable?

I know there’s the OnStableStudy Lua callback andn the C/C++ OrthancPluginOnChangeCallback.

As far as I know (please do correct me if I’m wrong), those callbacks are called only once, as their documentation suggests.

I’m thinking of implementing an Rest GET URL that would return all studies that are stable given a studyInstanceUID’s list. That is so because for all intents and purposes I’ll be interested only in a given set of studies.

Thanks in advance.


You can check for stability of studies by testing the “IsStable” field:

$ curl http://localhost:8042/studies?expand
“ID” : “b9c08539-26f93bde-c81ab0d7-bffaf2cb-a4d0bdd0”,
“IsStable” : true,
“LastUpdate” : “20190306T095159”,