Question about M1 Mac and Docker Images / Containers

I recently got an MacBook Pro with an M1 Pro chip, and I’m trying to configure my development Docker setup to work on the M1 Mac using Docker Desktop.

It is mostly working, but I am getting some warnings / errors regarding the Orthanc container, a MySQL container and a phpMyAdmin container, all related to using the M1 chip. I have a php-fpm-nginx container that apparently built without any issues.

I found some references that suggested setting the platform in the docker-compose.yml file, and another that suggested using MariaDB M1 compatiable image instead of the standard MySQL image.

My development PACS builds are a little customized, but they start with the:

FROM osimis/orthanc:orthanc-mainline image and add a few other utilities and Debian packages.

Here is a screen shot of the Docker Desktop container list. When I hover over the amd64 alter it says “Image may have poor performance, or fail, if run via emulation”.

Not sure if that is just a warning and not affecting performance or if I need to customize the build(s) for the M1 chip.


Changing the mysql image to mysql/mysql-server:latest-aarch64 and the phpmyadmin image to phpmyadmin:latest appears to fix the issue with the mysql server and admin.

Still have the warning for the Orthanc Builds.


Alain has recently setup a fundraising to buy an Apple computer with a M1 processor in order to have M1-compatible builds of Orthanc:

Without such a computer, the core developers of Orthanc won’t be able to provide any support regarding M1.

I just made a contribution towards that project, and I think one of my clients contributed to another funding project that you started.

My laptop is a 14" MBP with an M1 Pro chip.

I’d be willing to help out in some way or otherwise do some testing. Finally time to dump all of my old Mac hardware (2010 iMac 27", 2013 iMac 27", 2012 MacBook Pro).

Hi Stephen,
I have been using an M1 for over a year now. Docker for Mac can run both x86 & ARM images. The badge you saw is a warning that Docker is using the x86 image and that it will be slower than a native arm container. I have not had a problem with the x86 Orthanc container, but have experienced issues with other x86 containers that rely on low level networking functions.
It is possible to build a native ARM container using the Osimis Orthanc docker files ( By building them directly, you will be able to remove this warning. At this time, there is no published arm Orthanc container.