Query-Retrieve Study Date

Greetings Sebastian, in the DICOM Query Retrieve there is provision to query up to one year, and then "Any Date". Some PACS systems do not like a wild car here (GE perhaps).

I have added additional options in the file ~/OrthancExplorer/query-retrieve.js:

   var target = $('#qr-date');
  $('option', target).remove();
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', '*').text('Any date'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(0)).text('Today'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-1)).text('Yesterday'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-7) + '-').text('Last 7 days'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-31) + '-').text('Last 31 days'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-31 * 3) + '-').text('Last 3 months'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-365) + '-').text('Last 1 year'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-365 * 3) + '-').text('Last 3 Years'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-365 * 5) + '-').text('Last 5 Years'));
  target.append($('<option>').attr('value', GenerateDicomDate(-365 * 7) + '-').text('Last 7 Years'));

However, it would be nice to limit results, since this may return too many. Is there a way to change this to search within a one-year window, i.e. only results say from 3 years ago? Nirvana would be a drop down calendar where we could choose the staring and ending date.