query patient names and other data with findscu

Dear all,

I’m trying to understand how DCMTK’s findscu command works in combination with ORTHANC. I’m using this source: https://support.dcmtk.org/docs-dcmrt/findscu.html

My scenario is simple: I sent (with storescu) some .dcm files to ORTHANC and now I’d like to query them by patient name.
So, according to the short documentation of findscu above I have created:

# query patient names and IDs
(0008,0052) CS [PATIENT]     # QueryRetrieveLevel
(0010,0010) PN []            # PatientName
(0010,0020) LO []            # PatientID
(0020,000D) UI []            # StudyInstanceUID

Of course, I'm also generating the .dcm file from this using dump2dcm and call it patientFind.dcm. 
Now, if I try to query the .dcm file that I had sent previously to ORTHANC, I do:
_findscu -P -k "(0010,0010)=*" 4242 patientFind.dcm_

I get this as a response:

you’re querying PATIENTs so it’s logical that the STUDIES info is empty