Query by LastUpdate?

I noticed that the Orthanc API returns a LastUpdate value for series, studies and patients.

Is there a way to query the Orthanc API for all Series with LastUpdate >= someDate?

I tried the following:

curl https://demo.orthanc-server.com/tools/find -d ‘{“Level”:“Series”,“Query”:{“LastUpdate”:“20180414-”},“Expand”:true}’

But got an http 500 error:

“HttpError” : “Internal Server Error”,
“HttpStatus” : 500,
“Message” : “Unknown DICOM tag”,
“Method” : “POST”,
“OrthancError” : “Unknown DICOM tag”,
“OrthancStatus” : 27,
“Uri” : “/tools/find”

I have just added a sample in the Orthanc Book showing how you can reach this goal using a Python plugin:


Thank you Sébastien - very useful and informative.