Queries on Dvtk toolkit for Connectivity features testing


Please provide me info on below queries:

Currently I am using “Dicom validation tool” version 2.6.7 ( DVtk library3.2.0) . I used the script available in the package to test as Modality Worklist SCP ( “WLM_SCP.ses”) and I successfully tested it for DICOM TLS also. I have seen scripts in this package named “MPPS_SCP.ses” and “Commit_SCP.ses”? Can I use these as SCP’s for MPPS and Storage commitment to test for DICOM TLS ?

  1. Does Dvtk tool kit support XRayRadiationDoseSRStorage SOP class (1.2.840.10008. Can I test sending dose SR with the Storage SCP provided by Dicom validation tool? ( “Storage_SCP.ses”)?



Is this question Orthanc related ?
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