Hii Everyone,
How to implement QIDO as an SCP?
Can anyone help me with this…

You simply have to install the DICOMweb plugin for Orthanc.

Check out the homepage and associated documentation:


Yes…I implemented a service where it hits the Orthanc server to get the study, series and instance information .
Now, my question is, is there any way we implement a QIDO-SCP so that the QIDO-SCU can query our SCP in order to retrieve the information rather than hitting the server.

Check out the REST API of the Orthanc DICOMweb client:

In this we are writing a service say X and querying the orthanc server ryt?
but what I want is, I have write a service say Y and allow X to query Y instead of querying orthanc server.
So basically Y should contain the data.
I wanted to know how can this be done?

I still don’t understand your question.

In your previous message, is Orthanc “X” or “Y”? If Orthanc is neither “X”, nor “Y”, you are not on the appropriate discussion group: This forum is about Orthanc.

You can learn more about the DICOMweb QIDO-RS standard so as to implement it at the following place: