Proper value for DatabaseServerIdentifier in a multi-orthanc setup


I’ve been experimenting with a new architecture containing multiple Orthanc readers and writers. But I don’t know what is the proper value to use in the DatabaseServerIdentifier property. I am wondering if:

  • All the reader instances must use the same identifier.
  • All the writer instances must use a different identifier.
    I am facing some weird database errors and I suspect it is because I am messing around too much with this property :joy:

All the different instances of Orthanc that connect to the same database MUST have a DIFFERENT value for DatabaseServerIdentifier (whether they are readers or writers doesn’t matter). Check out the documentation of the configuration option:

// Arbitrary identifier of this Orthanc server when storing its
// global properties if a custom index plugin is used. This
// identifier is only useful in the case of multiple
// readers/writers, in order to avoid collisions between multiple
// Orthanc servers. If unset, this identifier is taken as a SHA-1
// hash derived from the MAC addresses of the network interfaces,
// and from the AET and TCP ports used by Orthanc. Manually setting
// this option is needed in Docker/Kubernetes environments. (new in
// Orthanc 1.9.2)
“DatabaseServerIdentifier” : “Orthanc1”,


Hi Sebastien. Thanks for the clarification! I was finally able to solve the errors.

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