Problem with some viewers

Hello! First of all, thank you for everything you do. I’m really enjoying Orthanc and I found it really easy to use, despite having almost no computer skills.

Here is my problem:

I have connected two different MRI scanners to Orthanc. I had no trouble setting everything up, and Orthanc receives everything perfectly. But, I have trouble retrieving the images of ONE of the MRI scanners using viewers like E-film or Onis, despite Radiant having no problems whatsoever. If I send the image directly to the viewer (e.g. MRI scanner > E-film), I can view everything perfectly.

What am I doing wrong? This is what the log tells me when I try to retrieve:

W0226 10:25:45.913892 OrthancMoveRequestHandler.cpp:286] Move-SCU request received for AET “PCTECNICOS”

E0226 10:25:45.929492 MoveScp.cpp:237] IMoveRequestHandler Failed: DicomUserConnection: No acceptable presentation context for modality

Sorry if it’s a dumb question, but I’m really lost. Thank you!

Hi Francisco,

In your case, “No acceptable presentation context for modality” probably means that the viewer is not able to display the images as they are stored in Orthanc. I.e, the image is compressed in JP2K in Orthanc and the viewer only supports RAW images (in this case, they have different transfer syntaxes). You can probably check the DICOM conformance statements of the MRI and viewers to check what syntaxes are supported.

Disclaimer, I’m using JP2K and RAW as examples, it can just be anything else.

Note that the MRI might be configured to send RAW images when sending them directly to your viewer while it might have been configured to send JP2K images when sending them to Orthanc. In this case, you would solve your problem by configuring the MRI to use the same transfer syntax for every transfer.

Note that, you could also configure Orthanc to transcode the incoming instances back to RAW by using this kind of scripts: (of course, you would need to apply another conversion)