Problem in the lookup for patients

Hi, I am trying to use the lookup tool querying by patient name, but I get no results while searching.

If I search for “ADRIANA” in Patient Name field I get zero results. But if search for all the studyies only using the “Today” on Study Date, I can find It.

Do I need to enable any kind of feature to get it to work?

And another question: Can I increase the result limit by over 100?

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If you only search for the last name, you should use wildcard matching in your query, as in “ADRIANA*”

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Thanks! I didn’t know about the wildcards.

Do you know if it is possible to get more than 100 results?

I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t believe this is possible for the Web Viewer (You will get all results if retrieving the Objects through the REST API, as in /patients, /studies, /series etc.)

Thanks Georg!

This limit comes from this variable within the JavaScript code of Orthanc Explorer:


There is no such limit in the core of Orthanc.