Problem getting metadata of series


I want to ask for a problem that we have in our project with the following endpoint


Ocasionally, when wanting to view an uploaded DICOM image, the following error occurs:


Here more information of the request:


It should be noted that the DICOM image has 3 series and only one of them (the one of the image) presents de problem.

On the other hand, this failure only occurs in one of our development environments, since when we re upload the same dicom image in another environment, all endpoints work correctly. However, this problem recurs occasionally in time in one of our development environments, after uploading DICOM images.

Also, we checked the database in the development environment where the problem exists, and the only thing we found, which could perhaps serve as a background, is the following:


Where the id of the series with problems is found repeated in that table, unlike the other two series in the image that only appear once. Furthermore, in another development environment where the image is displayed correctly, each of these series appears only once in the “dicomidentifiers” table.

We are using this image with version 1.8.1.

We hope all this information helps you to review what is happening and how it can be solved. We remain attentive to any comments or additional information you need.

Greetings and thank you very much.


We cannot provide any help without a minimal working example:

Please provide sample DICOM files (possibly anonymized), together with “curl” command lines so that the community can reproduce your issue independently of your setup.