Private Tags


I’m using Orthanc to route images from Fuji mammography equipment, but there are some private Fuji tags that are ignored by Orthanc, can I set Orthanc to keep private tags?

I’m using version 1.2.0 of Orthanc.

Thank you very much!


Orthanc is droping these tags? I have not seen that. Some of our modalities have private tags and Orthanc keeps them.

Chico Venancio

Hello Chico,

Thanks a lot for the help…

This information I received from the vendor, is there any way to find out all the private tags of a “.dcm”?

Thank you

You could just use the dicom-tools to dump the tags of the dcm file.

Knowing another ‘issues’ with Fuji equipments, probably the issue is related to the Fuji euquipment not sending to a Fuji PACS, I have seen that before, when it send the studies to a non ‘Fuji’ system … it doesn’t send all the tags.

Hi, Raul,

Thank you very much for the support, what you say makes sense, I need to find a way to prove it to the supplier.

Analyzing the dcm file with dicom-tools, I have these tags, when comparing with Orthanc tags “”, see the difference, does it help?

Thank you,