possible to use HTTPS for transmission of basic DICOM operations?

Hi all,

Is it possible to use HTTPS encryption for the exchange of C-STORE, C-GET,..., etc?

I found a link about the REST APIs of Orthanc supporting HTTPS (http://book.orthanc-server.com/faq/https.html), but nothing about these basic DICOM commands themselves.


C-GET, C-STORE, … are DICOM commands that goes over TCP, not over HTTP (so, there’s no way we can do HTTPS for these commands).

There exists a DICOM TLS standard (= encrypted DICOM) but this is not supported by Orthanc right now.

Note that Orthanc supports Dicom-Web (which is over HTTP) and there, you can use HTTPS as for the REST API.

Is orthanc planning to extend support to TLS since these days PACS server have moved over to cloud platform??

TLS is on our long-term roadmap:

DICOM (including DICOM-TLS) should only be used on an hospital Intranet. For cloud scenarios, DICOMweb is the way to go (and is supported by Orthanc):