Possible to get modality at study level?

Is is somehow possible to get modality at study level in Orthanc? Currently I have to fetch a study and then all its series and get the modality at that level which slows things down when iterating through 100s of studies.

Try adding STUDY Level Attribute 0008,0061 “Modalities in Study” to your query.
Modalities in Study as matching key is required by the IHE Radiology Scheduled Workflow Profile for Image Managers/Image Archives.

(0008,0060) Modality is a series level attribute and can’t be used during a study level query.

I have found it is hit or miss. Usually if the study has 1 modality, it will show Modalities in Study (0008,0060). But with more you have to check each series.

Modalities in Study (0008,0060) is a Query/Retrieve Attribute which isnt returned as part of the JSON response, isnt that correct?

I can see Modalities in Study as a JSON response, but only with single modality studies.

Hmmmm… I’m not seeing it is single modality or multi modality studies at my end

No worries. I wouldn’t use that anyways if it doesn’t do it on all studies.


Hey guys,

we have the same behaviour here at CMRAD using Orthanc 1.3.2. Orthanc only responds with a Modality at the study level when there is a single common modality for the whole study. this is a rare case at least for us as typical modalities for annotations are introduced into the studies as separate KO or PR series. Thereafter Orthanc does not respond with a Modality and we need to implement recursive calls at the series level in order to dig out what’s in there.

my preference would have been that the JSON reply at the study level simply replied with all Modalities from any of the series.