Possible to arrange the exams in different way?


Maybe this is a stupid question but here it comes anyway!

I’ve just installed Orthanc in our clinic. I had a bit of trouble in the beginnig but at the end I managed to solve it.

Now we’re up and running but I would like the webviewer to arrange the exams in cronological way as a default. Is tis possible? If so how and where do I do it?



Dear Anders,

Orthanc Explorer, the default Web user interface that comes with Orthanc out-of-the-box, is designed for administrative, low-level purpose. It is also used by the development team to test the features of Orthanc as they get introduced in the REST API.

If you need more customization so that Orthanc better fits your clinical workflow, you will have to develop a separate, custom Web interface on the top of the REST API. Any front-end Web developer could take care of this task using well-known JavaScript frameworks (such as Meteor, AngularJS, Ember.js…).


FYI, an expanded version of my previous answer is now available in the FAQ: