PHP API library for Orthanc REST API with backend and frontend

I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I have a PHP library and an API for the Orthanc REST API, as well as a setup to allow using the Osimis Viewer using OpenResty as a reverse proxy. It also uses OpenResty as the server for the API library on the receiving end. The setup is a little complicated but not too much. Setting up OpenResty is actually pretty easy as I have the config file also, but you would need to have SSL certs for your server so that everything can be done via https. OpenResty is actually pretty nice for working with Orthanc. It is a modified version of an NGINX server and can be installed via a package manager on LINUX.

The API part bascially allows you to simulate making CURL calls to either a colocated Orthanc instance or to an Orthanc instance residing on a remote server, as long as you also have the OpenResty or another PHP capable server setup to handle the API calls as an intermediary, and you may or may not want to use the Osimis viewer. In my separate app I also have some authentication setup for the viewer, but I might want to refine or improve that. OpenResty is needed for the Osimis viewer.

The front-end is a little primitive right now as far as the UI is concerned but it functions fine.

I attached some basic screen shots for the front-end. I use it mostly as a development tool for developing the API. I will try to incorporate that pagaination python script the I’m working on also, as far as the API call and results are concerned.

The inputs for the front-end pertain to the API call arguments.

If there is interest I’ll put the source code on Github so I can share and collaborate.

You could use / develop your own front-end since the API on the server just receives CURL calls in a specific format with login credentials and returns the results as JSON.




Greetings friend, I am very interested in the code, it would be of great help if I could pass it on.