PET raw data

Hi everyone,
I have just installed ORTHANC as a standalone server (+sqlite) on ubuntu 16.04.
I succeeded to transfer PET and CT images but failed to transfer PET raw data despite that Orthanc conformance statement stated that RawDataStorage is an available storage modality. Do I need to configure something somewhere to enable this feature ?

Great job by the way!



Dear Ludovic,

Are you sure that your PET raw data is encoded as a DICOM file?

If so, you can try and set the “UnknownSopClassAccepted” to “true” in the configuration file of Orthanc:


Just in case you might be interested, our Pet-Ct viewer which is based upon ImageJ is very integrated into Orthanc.

Dear Sebastien,
I changed the tag accordingly and it did the trick. Great!
But, I had a message on my PET console that something went wrong eventhough PET raw data are present on Orthanc database (I can even download files on my computer meaning that the transfert was effective).
Thanks a lot.