Patients Rest API not Returning All


I using Orthanc REST APIs to get patients to for my RIS, currently I have near about 680 patients in my orthanc database but when I fire rest api using curl (i.e. http://localhost:8042/patients ), I am getting only 147 results with the older date patients.

Can anyone guide me whether I am missing anything to get all the patients in orthanc?
Is there any query parameter which I have to send along with API Request ?



If you don’t provide the “limit” argument to the URL “http://localhost:8042/patients”, Orthanc will return all the patients in its database.

I guess that the difference “680 vs. 147” that you observe is because you are willing to access the studies, not the patients. You most likely have different studies that share the same “PatientID” tag (maybe your RIS is not configured to give different “PatientID” to different patients), as explained in the Orthanc Book:

Check out the following URL instead, that can be used to work at the study level: http://localhost:8042/studies

You can also query the statistics of your Orthanc server by opening: http://localhost:8042/statistics


Thanks Sébastien,
I have debugged that thing and yes as you said, the different studies are sharing the same PatientID, will review and resolved the issue with RIS.

Thanks for the help.