OsimisWebViewer on Mobile Chrome/Safari

The version of the Osimis Web Viewer(1.1.2 running on Orthanc 1.4.1) that we’re currently using does not work on Chrome/Safari on mobile(tested on Iphone 6 and Ipad Pro), it shows a message saying “You browser is not supported. You might expect inconsistent behaviours and shall not use the viewer to produce a diagnostic.” and then it becomes pretty much unuseable…
That, by itself would mean much, but we also have an older version of Orthanc(1.3.0), running an older version of Osimis(1.0.0) and it works fine on the same devices!
I did notice the Know issue on version 1.1.0 that says: * The WebViewer currently does not work on iPhone (Safari and Chrome).

But what changed? Is is something that i can change/fix to make it work again?
Otherwise i might need to use an older version of Osimis which i’m not sure will work well with the mysql index i’m using and orthanc 1.4.1…


Orthanc provides backward compatibility for its SDK.

You can thus use the Osimis Web Viewer 1.0.0 together with Orthanc 1.4.1, if the former better suits your needs.


Do you think it will be possibile in The future release to have a complete running
Version on IPad Of the Osimis viewer ?


I’m afraid not.

Developing for iOS is a real pain: you need to own real hardware and you know how much it costs ! It’s not really compatible with an open-source philosophy. We do have access to remote iOS devices but it’s actually unusable to debug an application like the viewer (while it works perfectly to validate with Android devices).