Osimis Luanch via the DICOM StudyUID instead of Orthanc Study UUID

Hello team!

I have integrated two other commercial web viewer with their respective DICOM storage back-ends and they both use StudyUID as the reference to the study.

I know Osimis is very closely integrated with Orthanc and not using the StudyUID is not much of an issue, but I would like to motion to the community that this will be a very nice feature to have. In our workflow, we have already sent our study to Orthanc via DICOM and we have the knowledge of the StudyUID but no immediate knowledge of the Orthanc StudyUUID.

For now I am going to write a pre-processing stage to grab the StudyUUID but if that is already in the Osimis launch URL that’s really handy, in my opinion.

Would it be possible to even consider writing a plug-in for this type of ? In that case should I attempt to write one?

– Manabu Tokunaga


You can very easily derive the Orthanc study identifier from the combination of the “PatientID” and “StudyInstanceUID” DICOM tags, as explained on this page:

This is essentially just a matter of concatenating two strings, then computing a MD5 hash, which can easily be implemented in JavaScript. Check out the C++ implementation for more details:

Also, note that a new version of our Web viewer is currently under active development.