OrthancWebViewer 2.0 error

new viewer shows only black screen when opening series, and log says :

SliceOrdering.cpp:343] Unable to order the slices of the series f577ec56-8bbb6438-05ea61f2-2320bff9-cf83bd6b

PluginsManager.cpp:194] Exception while invoking plugin service 3001: Unable to order the slices of the series

all tested series from different modalities always ends with same error and black screen.

you will find anonymized series in attached file

f577ec56-8bbb6438-05ea61f2-2320bff9-cf83bd6b.zip (2.18 MB)

Your series contains twice the same index for an instance (InstanceNumber = 3 appears two times), which explains why Orthanc cannot fully order the slices.

I have pushed a change that makes Orthanc more tolerant to such broken series:

With this patch, your series is properly displayed by the Web viewer.

This patch works, good job.

I now have to understand why I have series with duplicate instances. Thanks for catching this !