OrthancDicomWeb-1.3.dll --- Error 193

Dear All,

I downloaded OrthancDicomWeb-1.3.dll for the Windows and placed under Plugins directory. However, Orthanc won’t start following that. Following is the error message in the log.

Please note OrthancDicomWeb.dll (1.2) works fine without any issues.

LoadLibrary(C:\Program Files\Orthanc Server\Plugins\OrthancDicomWeb-1.3.dll) failed: Error 193

Any suggestion on what could be the issue?



You are visibly loading a 32-bit DLL into a 64-bit version of Orthanc.

As warned at the top of our file repository: “All the Windows binaries from this Web page (i.e. all the .exe and .dll files) are compiled for 32bit architecture. Consequently, the precompiled plugins (.dll) can only be used by a 32bit version of Orthanc. An installer for Windows 64bit, containing all the plugins, is available on this page courtesy of Osimis.”


Consequently, use the official Windows installers by Osimis:



Dear Sébastien,

I downloaded 64 bit 20.10.2 for Windows from Link provided by Osimis. However, the plugin for DicomWeb in the executable is 1.2 and not 1.3. I was wondering how can I get 64bit 1.3 dll for DicomWeb.

Many thanks!


You’ll visibly have to wait about 2 weeks until a new version of the installers can be released by Osimis. Stay tuned for the announcement on this forum.

In the meantime, you can use Docker or compile the plugin by yourself: