Orthanc Windows Upgrade

Hey everyone,

I recently upgraded from Orthanc 1.0.0 to 1.2.0.

I uninstalled the old version as recommended by the new version installer. I then pointed the installation to the same default settings (application in Program Files, data in C:\Orthanc).

I noticed that the database directory changed from OrthancStorage-v6 to OrthancStorage which was easily remediated.

However, the configuration that I had in Program Files seems to have been lost. Does the uninstall process remove all subfolders in the application directory or does it preserve them?

It would be a loss if the former is the case.

I was able to get a backup copy of my configuration.json luckily.

Thanks for such a useful project!


Hi Adit,

Starting from 1.2.0, the installer keeps the configuration file when removing the install. Indeed, for older versions, the configuration file were removed during the uninstall process.

Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused you.

Best regards,


Hi Alain,

I think you're right; If I'm not mistaken Windows now provides
\ProgramData and \Users\...\AppData for this.

That being said, it's still far from standard practice AFAICT.