Orthanc Server Speed

I installed othanc server 1.9.3 through docker (osimis images) on a lowend synology 1618+ 8GB RAM with normal harddisks and an ssd for cache and i enable osimisweb viewer plugin and stone webviewer plugin,
i also installed orthanc server on a high end windows server with ssd disks
I have almost default configuration with sqllite database in both configurations
I test both configurations through orthanc explorer . osimis and stone viewer with a vpn connection over ther internet and simple dx xray studies.
I impressed with the speed on synology , everything was working instantly (several other apps that working well on windows server are not even workable on synology)
On the other hand on high end windows server everything was workable but slower, this does not make sence to me.
I aso notice that stone viewer was slower than osimis viewer
Are these results due to optimizations by osimis;
I will try to do futher tests with postgresql database
Many thanks,

There is a FAQ about Windows performance in the Orthanc Book: