Orthanc Query / Retrieve without registering in calling AET in "DicomModalities"

It is possible to allow query / retrieves in Orthanc wthout having to register the calling entity in the DicomModalities config entry of Orthanc?

I’d like to connect Horos users to Orthanc without having to register the IPs / AETs for each workstation.

I know how to do this w/ dcm4chee (works like this by default), but not sure how to do this in Orthanc.


no, C-Find and C-Move are allowed only from declared DicomModalities.

Thanks – very definitive answer :).


If you make use of the wado support in Orthanc and Osirix/Horos, you can at least avoid having to record the IP of the remote nodes. I’ve done this in my setup since my remote Osirix/Horos are often on DHCP with different IP possible, but consistent AET. I just enter bogus IP addresses in the Orthanc json. On the Osirix/Horos side, I make sure to turn on wado for the transactions with the Orthanc node as defined in the locations menu.