Orthanc Q/R become slower when a store is made

Good day,

We have an instance of orthanc@19.1 with mongodb driver. When the modality issue a store command, any query retrieve will become very slow and sometimes even gets timeouted.

The orthanc server is installed in a cloud server, the modality connects via a 4g connection (store is a bit slower, but it does succeed). And the Q/R issuer is connected vi a wired connection (stable one).

Is there any reason for this to happen ?

I can’t speak for the MongoDB drivers since they are provided by DocCirrus which is usually not active on this forum.

Maybe check for DicomThreadsCount.



  // Number of threads that are used by the embedded DICOM server.[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l457)
  // This defines the number of concurrent DICOM operations that can[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l458)
  // be run. Note: This is not limiting the number of concurrent[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l459)
  // connections. With a single thread, if a C-Find is received during[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l460)
  // e.g the transcoding of an incoming C-Store, it will have to wait[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l461)
  // until the end of the C-Store before being processed. (new in[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l462)
  // Orthanc 1.10.0, before this version, the value was fixed to 4)[](https://hg.orthanc-server.com/orthanc/file/tip/OrthancServer/Resources/Configuration.json#l463)
  "DicomThreadsCount" : 4,