orthanc plugins on docker synology

first of all thanks for great lightweight pacs

I managed to install and config Orthanc plugin version on my synology nas ,the problem is after configuration, I cant access my plugins cuz I don’t know the right path to their location on docker container

would you please help me in this issue ?
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I don’t have access to a Synology, so I can’t give any hint, especially if you don’t provide full Orthanc logs in “–verbose” mode and the exact way you use to start Orthanc:

You can find full instructions about using Docker in the Orthanc Book, that should also apply to Synology running Docker:



I am also confused with the path of the plugins because of plugins-disabled directory ,

In my setup this configuration works perfectly

“Plugins” : [

you can download the image with synology GUI and find the path,

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The “plugins-disabled” directory is a feature of the “osimis/orthanc” Docker images that can be used to select which plugins to start using environment variables:


If you simply want to start all the available plugins, the “jodogne/orthanc-plugins” Docker images might be simpler to use: