Orthanc + ORS Visual


I'm trying to get Orthanc working with the viewer ORS Visual (there is a free "lite" version available here: http://www.theobjects.com/en/products/get/index.php).

I can't get the search to return non-empty results (for example PatiedID="*"). I'm wondering if this could be related to the fact that Orthanc seems to required the QueryRetrieveLevel tag to be set as in:


ORS Visual seems to be able to ping orthanc, as it seems to pass a test upon clicking their "Verify" button.

Does anyone have experience getting Orthanc working with ORS Visual, or thoughts on how to debug the issue?

P.S. finscu works just fine retrieving a non-trivial result (as per the instructions in the above google group post):

$ findscu -aet ORTHANC -S -k QueryRetrieveLevel=SERIES -k PatientID="*"
-k SeriesNumber="*" localhost 4242
W: ---------------------------
W: Find Response: 1 (Pending)
W: # Dicom-Data-Set
W: # Used TransferSyntax: Little Endian Explicit
W: (0008,0052) CS [SERIES] # 6, 1 QueryRetrieveLevel
W: (0010,0020) LO [R_006 ] # 6, 1 PatientID
W: (0020,0011) IS [2 ] # 2, 1 SeriesNumber

Thanks in advance!

Dear David,

As far as I’m concerned, I can only ensure support to interface Orthanc with other free and open-source software.

There are way too many proprietary systems for medical imaging around. Freeware is just a special kind of proprietary software that comes “gratis” but that does not respect the digital freedoms of its users, which contrasts with the goal of free software such as Orthanc.

Please get in touch with the commercial support of ORS: As Orthanc is free and open-source, they can provide you support. If a patch is needed, I will happily integrate within in the Orthanc mainline (provided the patch is put in the public domain by ORS). But it is not up to me to create/test it.