Orthanc or Osimis Viewer, Limit access to only certain studies ?

With the Osimis basic viewer it is easy enough to generate a direct link to a particular study using a url like:


If one wants to use Orthanc to serve images to:

  1. Patients.
  2. Referring Providers.
  3. Radiologists.
  4. Admin.

What I am looking for is a way to restrict access to the viewer and the explorer so that some users cannot get to any Viewer and Explorer pages except the view study page. Basically would want to allow patients and referring doctors to just view studies in the viewer, whereas radiologists and admins could have higher level access.

Faced similar problem with access control to particular studies. The simples and most comfortable way is to run osirx as a proxy and us its own access control mechanisms. As far as I know orthanc does not have implemented such granular solution, you can only give full or none access.

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Please read the FAQ:

"Non-technical audience (physicists, patients, administrative staff…) might expect an user interface that is more user-friendly than Orthanc Explorer, and/or that integrates more features (such as language translations, sorting resources, access control lists, tagging images, beautiful layout, tunable anonymization, modification of instances, paging if many patients, handling of timeouts, login/logout, Web diffusion to patients/physicians…). […] Any front-end Web developer could take care of this task using well-known JavaScript frameworks (such as Meteor, AngularJS, Ember.js…). […] You can also contact a company that provides commercial support on the top of Orthanc and that might have developed an advanced user interface. "

Your financial support is needed if you want improved user experience.

Buy support packs by Osimis:


I think I’m facing the same problem. Have you solved it? How?

My problem is simpler than yours. I dont need different types of access. I just want make sure that no one can navigate to another URL besides the one given because if so, they can get access to the root system and it creates a security issue.


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