orthanc jpeg lossless forward

Good Morning!
i am using orthanc as routing only. the images arive at orthanc and from there, they are forwarded to an external server.
by default, orthanc is send in uncompressed format. I need to send in jpeg lossless or jpeg 2k.
I have tried to configure the Lua with the code available in this group but it does not work. when I add the code it even stops sending the images.

Could someone help me in this way?

Hi Gustavo,

Here’s a full working example here: https://bitbucket.org/osimis/orthanc-setup-samples/src/4e1e5e2384b0ea572538779c7f3792b5067647d4/docker/transcode-middleman/
By copying the config files and lua scripts, you should be able to make it work on your side.