Orthanc for Hostpital in Laos

Hello fellas Orthanc users, Orthancc founders and Sebastien:

I am new to Orthanc and PAC Server (including DICOM) in general. But first and foremost let me introduce myself, I am Anousak Souphavanh, an Open Source healthcare developer from Laos, and with the team from CALAT ICT. We are doing some good stuff for main hospital in Laos using mainly Open Source software. We are now working closely with three main persons:

  1. Luis Falcon, the GNUHealth Founder, from Spain
  2. Nicolas and Cedric, the gurus from B2CK, experts on Tryton framework.

After searching and have recommended by our friends above that Orthanc could potentially be good for Laos and indeed…

After having done complete install based on your advice in this forum (using an installer via Docker, https://bitbucket.org/snippets/osimis/eynLn, this is quit easy and convienient). Thanks for good work Alain Mazy and team.

I also able to get DICOM namely Ginkgo CADx installed on the same server, but this I believe is the be installed on doctors and nurses’ PCs and notebooks for access Orthanc.

So, I really hope that since I am new to this endeavor, you all can guide me in the right direction and I must say thank you all in advance for kind attention and support in weeks to come.

A lot of work ahead of us here in Laos…exciting and challenges.


Dear Anousak,

Thanks for your feedback and for your interest in Orthanc in Laos!

FYI, B2CK is located in Liège, where Orthanc also is developed :slight_smile:

There will be no problem in installing Ginkgo CADx on computers connected to the Orthanc server; Instructions are provided in the Orthanc Book:

Feel free to ask your questions here.


Merci Sebastien,

I am working on both…will do send question to forum definitely :slight_smile: