Orthanc explorer undifinied message

After upgrading from osimis - container with orthanc version 1.93 to 1.94
Doing lookup to orthanc explorer gives as
result several studies that have undifinied name
Continuing to the next page everything is ok and the metadata correct
Another orthanc container sharing the same database with almost the same configuration
with orthanc version 1.93 shows everything in orthanc explorer correctly
No other issues in upgraded orthanc server with metadata testing with several viewers and motalities
The same behaviour after upgrading windows orthanc server to 1.94



Thanks for the report! This issue was caused by a very simple changeset I forgot to submit in 1.9.4:

Please could I ask you to validate, and to confirm that “Do lookup” was the only feature to be broken in Orthanc Explorer?