Orthanc DICOM Parser tool

I came across Orthanc’s parser tool and was wondering why the mkdeftag.cc and mkdictbi.cc are commented out in the CMakeLists.cmake.

When I include them in the list of sources, I get an error from the wasm-ld saying there is a duplicate symbol in dcdictbi.cc.o and mkdeftag.cc.o.
Any help would be appreciated regarding how I can get these two to compile.

Thank you,
Ali Bagheri


“mkdeftag.cc” and “mkdictbi.cc” are command-line tools to autogenerate some parts of the code of DCMTK.

They both have the “main()” symbol (hence the error about a duplicate symbol), and thus must not be part of a library.


Thank you for the reply.

I have actually fixed the symbol error (was referring to loadBuiltinDictionary()). It looks like the auto generated code form the two .cc files refer to built in dictionaries.
Are these two necessary for building dcmimage properly?

Sorry to post two in a row. To be more precise, I am able to run the parser from my browser, but the tags cannot load the names. for example, “StudyDate” comes up for me as “Unknown Tag & Data”.

Looks like because it cannot find the data dictionary.
I have built the parser on ubuntu on a windows.

Yes, the DICOM dictionaries must obviously be loaded. In Orthanc, this is done by the “FromDcmtkBridge::InitializeDictionary()” function:

On a side note, your questions are not at all related to Orthanc. If you face problems using DCMTK, please use the dedicated forum:

Thank you for the link.
I will be sure to direct my questions properly.